Sissy Michelle's First Day

Sissy Michelle's First Day
Accomplishing her first task.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Training Continues

Well i know i haven't been posting a bunch to my blog; but Master is taking the training slow in order to truly improve my performance and make me a better sissy. i am currently working on my next set of tasks and should have an interesting post next week. Since my first post, i have been continuing to work on feminizing my body and keeping it smooth and silky as it should be. Thanks for your patience and look for updates next week.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sissy Michelle's First Post

(Curtsey) My name is sissy michelle and i have been recently accepted for training by Master Thomas. i am one of his new sissy trainees who will begin today learning how to become a better sissy in order to be of use to others. i am excited and intimidated by my new role. i will be trusting in Master Thomas in his training and hope that it will cause me to become a better sissy in life. i relish being female and learning the female role. i hope to please my Master. This is merely my initial post and it will hopefully become more interesting and educational as i move along in the training program. Please be patient with me and i hope that this will chronical my positive progress in my new life. Thanks for reviwing my blog. (curtsey)

sissy michelle